Orthopaedic conditions cover a wide range of the skeletal system. Tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones in these areas of the body do not receive an ideal amount of blood flow, making it difficult for the body to heal itself. 


At the forefront of treatments for orthopaedic conditions, regenerative medicine therapies are now an option that may enhance the body’s natural healing process without the need for a surgical procedure or other invasive treatments. Utilizing the very newest regenerative medicine treatments, we have the possibility to regenerate joint tissues that just a few years ago were considered lost forever; positive results are now possible. Regenerative medicine treatments are applied at the point of care where these building block cells can recruit your body's own cells to potentially assist in reducing perceived pain and injury.


Some of the most common areas of orthopaedic pain that can be treated with regenerative medicine therapy include:



  • Shoulder




  • Elbow



        Ligament sprain/tear

        Tennis elbow

  • Wrist



        Ligament sprain/tear

        Wrist instability

        Carpal tunnel

  • Hip


  • Knee



        Ligament sprain/tear



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